About Us

Who We Are?

United Liberty Mortgage Corporation was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in beautiful Trinity Florida which is located just outside of Tampa Bay. United Liberty Mortgage was formed for one sole purpose; to offer its clients' the absolute lowest mortgage rates in Florida with customer service levels that are second to none! And over the past several years, we have been doing just that.

Lowest Rates in Florida!

United Liberty Mortgage Corporation is Florida's #1 Source for the Absolute Lowest Mortgage Rates in Florida! The business model is quite simple; low overhead, unparalleled customer service, and super low rates equal super high volume. When a mortgage company can generate a high volume of mortgage loans, they are eligible for discounted rates from their investors. Thus, the savings is passed on and the result for the consumer is the ability to obtain the absolute lowest mortgage rates in Florida!

Unparalleled Customer Service!

Our customer service levels are second to none. We place great emphasis on treating each and every client with the respect and professional courtesy they deserve. In addition, we are honest and pride ourselves on delivering on our promises! And unlike many other Mortgage Companies, we return calls and emails promptly and keep all of our clients informed on the status of their loans at all times throughout the loan process.

Years of Experience!

Getting a mortgage loan is a huge financial step; thus dealing with an experienced loan officer is an absolute must. Our loan officers have many years of experience and are ready to assist you with your specific mortgage needs.


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BY EMAIL: info@unitedlibertymortgage.net